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In the summer of 2018 our lovely guests from the UK told us this story about thinking of their next holiday:

"What? Where? How? How many days? Who to go with? Why?

There are many factors affecting the what, the how many days and the how we’ll spend our holidays, but undoubtedly the most important decision is who to go with and where to go.

Once you’ve decided who to go with (going alone is also an option), it’s time to reduce the number of possible destinations as much as possible."

Let’s start at the beginning, as this is the main question.
Do you want to kick back and relax in the countryside or is your main goal to come home with a lovely tan?

To help you make this decision (however you can mix both of these in the Bell House), I’m going to share with you the charms of our holiday cottage if you are thinking to visit us in Hungary.

● You can disconnect and relax.
● You can be totally connected to nature.
● Enjoy the morning mist, the dew on the trees and plenty of fresh air.

● Enjoy your breakfast under a huge nut-tree and watch the running red-squirrels above you.
● Walk barefoot on the grass in the garden, jump into the pool and enjoy the refreshing or relax on a lunger on the poolside.

● Create your pizza or cook your own meal in the outdoor cooking equipments in the garden.

● If you spend more days in the Bell House, there is a plenty activities to occupy your leisure time. We collected just a few of them we'd like to draw your attention:



Explore Hungary’s northernmost red-wine-producing region, known for its signature red blend (Egri Bikavér), native grape varietals, and mineralic white wines. 

Ask your hosts for wine tasting tours.



Thousand years history, barokk environment, tasty wines, hospitality and colourful programs waiting for you in Eger. A city full of legends and just 20 km far from the Bell House.

Choose from events in the next three months!

Thermal Spas


With over 1.000 hot springs running beneath its surface and more medicinal spas than any other European country, Hungary is a hot spot for thermal baths. Locals swear by their healing properties, while their beauty attracts visitors from far and wide. These are some of the country’s finest.

Bükk National Park


The Bükk National Park is a national park in the Bükk Mountains of Northern Hungary. It was founded in 1976 as the third national park in the country. It contains 431.3 km² (of which 37.74 km² is under increased protection). Bükk is Hungary's largest national park and is situated within a reach from the Bell House.

The Puszta (Hortobágy National Park)


is one of Europe's largest expanses of protected prairie, where Hungarian grey cattle, stud horses, Racka sheep with spiral-shaped horns and buffalo herds graze on open pastures. A World Heritage site since 1999, the Hortobagy National Park stretches over an area of 200,000 acre.


Horse riding

As a Riding Holiday destination, Hungary offers a wealth of equestrian opportunities. It's beautiful unspoilt countryside, numerous National Parks and fascinating mix of flora and fauna, combined with a long heritage of Horsemanship make it a perfect choice for riders of all age and ability. 

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