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The Bell House is located in the vicinity of Bükk National Park, 2-300 meters above the center of Bükkzsérc, with a spectacular view on the village and the Bükk Mountains.

The traditional village scenery and the wonderful panorama that ever changes with the seasons make the visitor’s strolls and tours peaceful and relaxing but stimulating at the same time.

The traditional rural stone house, which was built in the first half of the 20th century, is a remarkable relic of Hungarian folk architecture. It was named after the bell-ringers of the neighboring Catholic church, who used the house as their lodging in the first half of the 20th century.



Story of the House

About 40 years ago, Paul  and Krystyna (hungarian-polish couple) came to a decision on the weekends get away from the city back to the roots, to the countryside close to the nature. Their children, the little Patrycja and the newly born Katharyna should not only grow up in the hectic of Budapest but also in a healthful clime, so they bought the old the bell-ringer's house. 

The 40 years have gone by so quickly, parents were getting older, so the eldest daughter Patrycja and her husband Artur dedicated their body and soul to a project to refurbish the old "Bells". The idea was to restore the home which had been reduced to rumble back to its original splendor. The project, no matter how large it seemed, turned out to be a great success!

For the last 4 years, we have opened our loved home to all those who seek a refuge in the natural landscape of the nature, just a few minutes away of the historic and wine city Eger, directly on the border of the Bükk National Park. This is a special place we love to share with our guests, who tell us they come to feel at home, taken care of and pampered from the moment they arrive.

Our desire is to bring you into our home to share our culture and our style of life so that you experience the best of this wonderful region... an experience we are sure will be one of your best memories of your time spent in Hungary.

See you soon in the renewed house of the old bell-ringer

The Garden


The garden is the extension of the Bells -

Sound mind in a sound  body!

You will enjoy the panoramic terrace, the seasonal garden fruits, the swimming pool, the impressive sunset behind the pikes of the Bükk for meals, snacks, relax and simply indulging in the beauty of the area. 

A hearty breakfast - depending on weather - under the huge old nut tree or on the veranda makes the best to the first steps for exploring the garden or the multitude of possible activities in the surroundings.

Nothing could be more enjoyable than returning home after a day of sightseeing and visiting the area, than a glass of  quality Eger's Bull's Blood wine and watching the sunset. 


Look Around 


Amazing nature trails in the Bükk National Park, 

fabulous bike tour in North Hungary, cycling & trips in must-see World Heritage Sites, horse riding in the Pusta, the absolutely Aggtelek Stalactite Caves, the world-famous Tokaj & historic Eger wine-regions, medieval Castles of Füzér, Sárospatak, thermal spas of Bogács, Mezökövesd, Egerszalók, Demjén and the “Baroque Jewel” Eger. Bike through untouched forests, National Parks with magnificent scenery, enjoy gourmet experiences, and the unique world famous wines in antique cellars of Hungary’s top-wineries.


To stay at home or visit the surrounding activities? Difficult question.

Here are a few tips to figure out your first steps after arriving in the Bell House.

We confirm the authenticity of both way, however the decision is yours alone. We can assure you that you do not need to fear that you will be confronted with your decision.

Are you hungry? Good local food near me here.

You can call or email us anytime with questions or for recommendations.

 We will do our best to make your stay more enjoyable and to let you spend a fantastic time here!!!

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